The DENTAL SOCIETY OF CHESTER COUNTY AND DELAWARE COUNTY is a non-profit corporation, organized in 1959 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to encourage the improvement of the health of the public, to promote the art and science of dentistry and to represent the interests of the members of the dental profession and the public which it serves. The territory of the jurisdiction of this Society consists of the counties of Chester and Delaware, Pennsylvania, and such contiguous areas within Second District established by mutual agreement with other local societies of the Second District Valley Forge Dental Association. The membership of this Society consists of duly elected, lawfully registered, ethical dentists whose qualifications and classifications are established in the Bylaws of this Society.

The DENTAL SOCIETY OF CHESTER COUNTY AND DELAWARE COUNTY conducts bimonthly governing and DENTISTS KEEPING UP (DKU), a continuing education program designed for both dentists and staff. All members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in these meetings. Dates and locations for the meetings can be found on Dentist/Upcoming Meetings and DKU links.

The DENTAL SOCIETY OF CHESTER COUNTY AND DELAWARE COUNTY sponsors Give Kids a Smile (GKAS), the local extension of the American Dental Association's major oral health outreach program, launched to encourage parents, health professionals and policymakers to address this important health issue. Give Vets a Smile Day (GVAS) is the newest program sponsored by the Society to provide service to the community. Through a partnership with the Chester County Department of Veterans Services, GVAS aims to provide dental care and dental homes for local veterans. Further information on these programs is located under the appropriate tabs on this web site.